Zip Blinds – Sparkling Your Premise – Adding Functionality & Aesthetics
Blinds are a must-have necessity for any premise, be it a home, or an office, and even commercial spaces like restaurants and so.

Gone are the days of traditional roller blinds, which have been effectively replaced by advanced and designer zip blinds. Not surprisingly these are becoming the ideal blinds to be used for patios, balconies and other areas in Singapore, for any size and type residential and commercial space.

Zip Blinds Singapore – Appealing Features and Functions
With ease of use, low maintenance in use, high durability and consisting of a sleek modern look, lightweight material, zip blinds are the preferred blinds when you want to add an aesthetic appeal to your home while also having a convenient and efficient functional feature.

Zip blinds for outdoor use comes with a fully motorised function and holding mechanism, way better than what manual crank equipped roller blinds were. These are easy to lift and pull manually with seamless blind guiding.

zip blind outdoor
zip blind balcony

SG Sunshade Guru – Your Ideal Destination to Find Variety of Zip Blinds for Balcony and More
When you are looking for the most advanced and quality zip blinds in Singapore, your search stops at SG Sunshade Guru. We have been a leading brand name in the field of shade solutions, providing complete and reliable solutions to residential and commercial customers for decades.

Our latest, updated and assortment of zip blinds collection will provide you with the right answer to what you are seeking. Our exclusive and signature products are developed and designed through best-in-class manufacturing process, all having a durable and robust finish to add a touch of class to the overall appeal. Whatever property type you have, and whatever size and design zip blinds you are looking for, here you will find the exact product to match your needs.

Zip Blinds Features

  • High-wind resistance
  • Air-con retention
  • Keep out insert
  • UV protection
  • Able to keep out rain to maximum capacity
  • Strong and efficient functioning in all weather conditions
  • Maximum space utilization with minimum maintenance requirement
  • Fully motorised system adding to comfort and convenience

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