Balcony Blinds and Outdoor Blinds Installation, Repair in Singapore

A balcony is an area where we enjoy the outdoors and spend time capturing beautiful moments. But not all homeowners can fully utilise it due to weather conditions like rain and sun, items left on the balcony like outdoor furniture may be weathered down quickly. The best solution is to install balcony blinds to welcome morning sunshine and unwind evenings.

SG Sunshade Guru provides balcony blinds and outdoor blinds Installation and Repair services in Singapore to make your outdoor space weather-friendly with customisation solutions available for all sizes. These blinds retain the original character of your balcony by allowing natural light and protecting the residents from excessive heat, rain, and winds.

Excellent Fabrics

Our balcony blinds come in PVC fabrics, which is an ideal solution for blocking excessive light from the sun and uninterrupted outside views. The value of fabric is also associated with enhanced durability and low maintenance.

Weather Resistant

Balcony blinds are sun protective, and water and dust-resistant. The climate-responsive blinds effectively control the harsh sunlight, rain, and wind. Apart from balconies, they are suitable for terraces, patios, windows, and apartments.

Functionality and Flexibility

With advanced technology, design, and fabrication, our blinds amaze people in terms of flexibility and functionality. It adds privacy to the balcony, lowers the temperature, and reduces air conditioning costs.

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Our Latest Balcony Outdoor Blinds Projects 

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