When you are looking to block the harmful UV rays of sunlight, escape from heat and create a cooler area at your property, awnings prove to be the most ideal solution fitting your needs and requirement thoroughly.

At SG Sunshade Guru Pte Ltd., we proudly presents to you latest, high-tech retractable awnings that are ideal to help you create shade, get protection from sun, heat, and rain through the year. Our high-end quality retractable awnings are suitable to make your deck and patio more beautiful while rendering full capability of keeping you safe from harmful UV rays.

Why you should get a Retractable Awnings?

Retractable Awnings Protect You From Harmful Sunlight

One point to note about retractable awnings is that they are basically used for the purpose of element protection. Almost seventy percent of these products are bought for the shade they provide to the users. The shade that these retractable awnings provide is quite comfortable and extends utmost convenience to the people who stay inside these retractable awnings. SG Sunshade Guru Pte Ltd makes it a point to offer the best services to all its valuable customers. The team of skilled professionals at this selling and rental company caters to all the individual needs of the customers.

Reduce Direct Sunlight & Save Energy

Among all the other advantages of retractable awnings, one of the best ones is that they are excellent energy savers. Since these canopies provide amazing shade, they reduce the temperature considerable and also reduce the need to use air conditioning thus minimizing the amount you pay for electricity bills. The study at the University of Minnesota shows that awnings reduce energy consumption to cool indoor room due to less direct sunlight gain from windows. These kinds of awnings are also amazing for maintaining privacy for areas such as pools and hot tubs. These products can be used for both outdoor and indoor purposes. In a nutshell, these awnings are very useful and quite durable in nature and you can consider them as a very smart investment indeed.

Types of Retractable Awnings

Specific to fit different types of properties, according to the property size, customer requirements and preferences we offer different types of retractable awnings, as detailed below:

• Classic Retractable Awning Arms (for 1.50m to 4.00m projection)
• Giant Retractable Awning Arms (for 3.50m to 5.00m projection)
• Cassette Retractable Awning System (for 1.50m to 4.00m projection)

Whatever type of property you have, SG Sunshade Guru have the resources, team and capability to provide you with exact fit, custom-tailored awning solution. Our awnings are available in a range of designs, shades and styles, which are high-performing in function, durable in use, elegant in enhancing the overall beauty of the property as well, and available within your budget limit.

Applications of Retractable Awning

We provide complete solution, from design, installation to after sales support for retractable awnings which are used for a wide range of property infrastructures such as:

• Doors
• Balconies
• Windows
• Terraces
• Shop Fronts
• Commercial Waiting Areas
• Restaurants, Resorts and Hotels
• And more

Equipped with easy-to-use motorized functionality, our retractable awning solutions provide great value for money and look stylish on any type of property.

Features of Our Retractable Awnings

• Fully motorized and automatic
• Suitable for all types of commercial and residential properties
• Easy installation
• Available in a wide variety of shapes, designs, sizes and colors
• Custom-tailored retractable awning solutions
• Water-proof
• Tested for heavy winds and rains
• Fully protective against sunlight, heat and harmful UV rays
• Made of super quality fabric and other components
• Low maintenance
• Durable application
• Cost-effective in price

Benefits of Retractable Awnings

• Protection from Harmful Sunlight

The basic and foremost purpose of using retractable awnings is to create shade and protect your property elements from sunlight, harmful UV rays, and also rains. These help to keep the area around the door, windows, as well as glass safe from the harmful effects of UV rays and heat.

• Energy Saving

When your home or commercial property receives direct sunlight, the temperature inside also increases which causes increase in usage of air conditioning that results in high energy bills. With retractable awnings, direct sunlight is blocked, creating a cooler area which reduces the consumption of air conditioning and thus reduced energy use.
Looking to add beauty and comfort at your residential or commercial property while creating shade and protection from sunlight and heat?

Contact the experts at SG Sunshade Guru Pte Ltd. for high-end retractable awnings provided with custom installation service at cost-effective price.

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Compliance with International Standards & Technical Specifications

SG Sunshade Guru Pte Ltd retractable awning arms undergoes the stages of: (1)Technical Modelling, (2)Arm Break Test, (3)Resistance & Endurance Test according to International Standards. Following the NF EN 13561 International Standard, our arms are certified to meet the HIGHEST Class 3 rating to guarantee a minimum of 10,000 operation cycles and minimum wind resistance of 49km/h (Beaufort scale 6 – 110N/m).

SG Sunshade Guru Pte Ltd tubular motors for retractable awnings are European Standard (EN) tested to be technologically reliable, efficient in performance, durable to endure wear and tear for a number of operations that simulate 10-15 years of intense activity. Resistance is tested to extreme temperatures and specific operation tests of the control units under electromagnetic interference (induced and conducted noise).

SG Sunshade Guru Pte Ltd 100% Acrylic Fabric (Solution-dyed) has attained international grade excellence in the quality of raw materials and finishes. In addition, we have attained FR, ISO and OEKO-TEK certification for the range of acrylic fabrics.. Fully patented design and colours allows our clients to have a wide variety of choices to match maximum aesthetic pleasure to excellent product functionality.