Unlike retractable awnings, permanent awnings are fixed fixtures, designed to provide continuous protection during fall, summer, and spring. They can turn any outdoor space into a comfortable shade oasis, engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, and can be combined with solar shades or roll drops.

At SG Sunshade Guru, we supply an assortment of permanent awnings for deck made of high-quality fabrics and components. With easy and timely maintenance, they remain in excellent condition for many years. Depending on the location and your personal style, you can install a suitable awning of your choice, including aluminum patio covers, commercial awnings, polycarbonate roofing, vertical roller blind, etc.

Benefits of Permanent Awnings 

Weather Protection
Whatever mother nature throws at you, awnings can help protect your home against potential damage. On hot, sunny days, awnings offer shade and protection from harmful UV rays. By reducing direct sunlight, the temperature on your deck or patio becomes comfortable. Choose an aluminum awning or patio roof so you can enjoy shelter during snow or rainstorms.

Energy Efficiency
When you install a permanent awning on your deck and patio, they can block harmful UV rays from entering your home. Awnings offer cost savings on your monthly energy bills and reduce carbon emissions.

Attractive Elements
The stylish appeal of permanent awnings can enhance your home’s curb appeal and resale value. Choose from a variety of awning colours, styles, and fabrics. The low-maintenance, water-repellent, and mildew-resistant design will let your awning look amazing for years to come.

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