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Zip blinds are becoming a major attraction for everyone, especially for balconies and patios, whether it is a residential or commercial space. It is no surprise zip blinds have been replacing traditional roller blinds with their sleek modern design, ease of operation, low maintenance, and durability.

While outdoor roller blinds need manual cranks, zip blinds are well-equipped with motorized control, a holding mechanism, and lightweight material. It is way easier to pull and lift the blind manually, as a specially designed track enables smooth blind guiding. Therefore, zip blinds in Singapore are the most preferred shade solution, when you wish to bring aesthetics alongside convenient and high functional features.

What is a Functional Zip Outdoor Blind?

Zip blind is a system that is automated and ideal for outdoor use. It is a track-guided, motorized blind that acts as a window blind and screen. You don’t need to rely on clanking noisy blinds during a windy day or a system that doesn’t trap rainwater. 

Zip blinds are perfect for outdoor use as it comes with a fully motorized function and holding system. They are easy to lift and pull with seamless blind guiding.

Key Features

  • Privacy

The distinct design of zip style side rail slot eliminates the problem you might face with ordinary roller blinds. Roller blind fabrics tend to run out of the side rail slot under harsh conditions. However, zip blind fabrics are tough to withstand external forces and thereby, increase privacy.

  • Room Darkening

Side rail slot and zipper design of zip blind can make 100% shading possible. Room-darkening fabrics can be used and matched with the interior design to prevent light from the top, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful moment with your family and friends.

  • Ramping

During stormy weather, ordinary roller blinds only use a side cable system instead of the side rail system, which doesn’t work in extreme conditions. Due to the special zipper and counterweight system on both sides, zip blind fabrics don’t run out of side rail slots and are completely windproof that solving the ramping issue.

  • Aesthetic Appeal and Functional

The side rail system can be attached or open mounted depending on your requirements. Thus, it perfectly complements your existing aesthetics and adds more functionality to your space.

Why Choose Zip Blinds Over Roller Blinds?

Zip blinds are a revolutionary shade solution designed with high-quality fiberglass fabric suitable for outdoor use. It carries advanced features that give protection against UV rays, drizzles, glare, draughts, debris, and insects. This means it allows you to conveniently extend your living space to the patio or balcony while enjoying fully motorized excellence.

When it comes to rain blockage, cool air retention, privacy, pest prevention, ease of maintenance, and aesthetics, zip blinds cost is more economical and feasible than traditional roller blinds. It has high wind resistance, strong and efficient functioning that adds comfort and convenience.

You can choose to install quality zip blinds in any size and type in your residential and commercial space. Feel free to contact us to know more!